Konfabulator for Windows


KonfabwinKonfabulator for Mac OS X has always been one of those cool utilities that Windows users could only drool over. What it does is provide “widgets” for the Mac OS that enhance the interface in a totally user-configurable way. There are tons of widgets that have appeared for Konfabulator like weather utilities, iTunes contollers, calendars, well you get the idea.A while back Apple pulled the rug out from under the Konfabulator developers and announced they were going to include the exact same capabilities integrated into the next release of OS X. This was not very cricket of Apple and it almost killed Konfabulator. In response to Apple’s announcement the developer said back in August that a Windows version was being written. This was great news to me so I’ve been following every word from them to determine when we might see Konfabulator for Windows released. Happy days are getting very close now as the developer recently indicated the Windows version is very close to release and I cannot wait! To whet our appetites the developer has posted the screenshot above on the Konfabulator Journal. Doesn’t it look super? I’ll let you know when it is actually available for purchase.

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