jkOTR records 500th comment

When I started jkOnTheRun just five months ago I envisioned a place where information could be dispensed and exchanged about the subjects I am passionate about. I tried to determine what I felt would be a good way to gauge if that was accomplished and the only thing I thought would be a good indicator of success was in the number of reader comments. It seemed to me that if the reader comments reached a two to one ratio versus the number of posts then I could feel this site was accomplishing something.Yesterday was a milestone for jkOTR as the 500th reader comment was recorded. As important as that event is what makes it very rewarding is the two to one ratio has been maintained through the entire process. I feel this is a great indication of the participation from you the readers and it validates what I am trying to do here. I am so grateful for the growth of the site and have you to thank for it. I really appreciate the willingness to participate in the discussions and to comment on the merits of the articles. You are the reason that I do this and it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to see jkOTR continue to grow and expand. Thank you. I have a feeling that we’ll reach the 1000 mark in a much shorter period than the first 500.


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