Fiber Dreams, almost a reality

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Karl Bode of Broadband Reports, perhaps is the only journo who keeps closer tabs on broadband developments more than me, and which is one of the reasons, why I respect him much. Now he wrote me an email about all the noise around, FTT-X and said:

” Verizon promises, SBC promises… lets make a snapshot. Then in two years, when we’re still talking about scattered trials, beat them over the head with journalistic sticks instead of regurgitating the next press release….. If Regulation was the only thing preventing deployments, and regulation is gone, we should be in a broadband wonderland within 3 years, right?”

I agree with him. Anyway I think since we are now in blog-wonderland, it is much easier to track things. I am pretty sure, that you will be hearing about this from me and Karl in 36 months from now. Which also brings me to FCC’s decision to handover control over the next generation infrastructure. Most phone companies said they did not “have an incentive” to upgrade their networks. I wonder about that. How about the incentive to stay in business? Intel’s incentive to develop next generation chip or Cisco’s incentive to blow $500 million on a new router is “business and profits.” I don’t see them seeking special regulatory “incentives.”

As of now with UNE-P dead, Bells own the copper loops…. i.e. maintain their monopoly … and will own the fiber loop… which amounts to monopoly for the next 100 years. There is no competition, and I wonder if there will ever be. I think the better solution would have been to open copper loop to everyone, and let the Bells have FTT-X. This way they are forced to upgrade, and perhaps compete with alternate technologies that use copper loops.

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Lets face the music, the FIBER to da HOME DREAM is about as crazy as the RedSox EVER beating the beloved Yankees………..oooops, NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!
Those early deployments will be tracked, analyzed, and recorded for customer aquisition revenues vs costs……….and more studies and more SLOW BELL BOWEL MOVEMENTSyep, they blowing smoke for the PR masses an WALL STREET JOURNAL!


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