Yahoo’s Mail Mystery Solved?


Paul K explains why Yahoo is buying up all good email clients.

More seriously, if it wasn’t clear already, it is now obvious Yahoo is preparing a major thrust in the email market. Oddpost brought server-side smarts; Bloomba brings client-side search in an email context. Yahoo already had the reach, storage, and resilience to create an industrial-strength platform. Will we see truly persistent messaging that bridges location, client type, and message store? I hope so — although that almost certainly means Snappermail is doomed to be purchased Real Soon Now. Darn.

In case you folks didn’t know it, Yahoo can send SMS to your smart phone, alerting every time you get a new email. Now that’s a feature I like.



I haven’t checked to see if they implemented it but Yahoo Mail needs to support IMAP and allow clients to plug-in to it (also a Gmail drawback). IMAP mail and a rich client like Thunderbird provides the best overall experience. Hotmail does it via HTTP for Outlook/OE.

All this other stuff they’re doing, Oddpost, etc, makes no sense.

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