The Wireless M&A Boom Is Here


Wireless is one of the hottest market when it comes to technology mergers and acquisitions, according to my friends at boutique investment bank, Rutberg & Company. And it is likely to remain that way for sometime, they predict.

During the one month period from September 1 through September 30, there were also 37 M&A transactions announced during the period, including Alcatel’s $250 million acquisition of Spatial Wireless, Broadcom’s $125 million acquisition of Alphamosaic, and Qualcomm’s $170 million acquisition of Iridigm Display. As illustrated by the M&A activity in September, we find that the level and average valuations of mergers and acquisitions in wireless has increased materially over the past year.  As we look forward to the next one-to-two years, we believe that M&A activity is likely to increase, and that transactions of $100 million or greater are possible across several subsectors.


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