Dana Wireless- a Palm driven laptop


Dana_wireless_large_1Earlier this year I told you about the AlphaSmart Neo which is a simple mobile device aimed at writers. It is basically a portable word processor very much like the ancient Tandy 102 from the 80s. Now the folks at AlphaSmart have produced a similar but interesting device in the Dana Wireless. The Dana Wireless is a portable word processor that takes it much further with two important additions- it runs the Palm OS (4.1) and it throws WiFi into the mix.The addition of wireless connectivity adds the important ability to work with email in addition to the word processing feature. Since the Dana Wireless is Palm based it can run just about any of the programs that are available for that platform making it very versatile. The only real limiter is the gray scale LCD screen but it is very wide to aid in word processing. There is a cool screen rotate feature which lets the user view a long Palm screen for applications that haven’t been modified to work with a wide screen. The Dana Wireless can also run on 3 AA batteries when the rechargeable battery pack runs dry making it a very good mobile device. I can see professional writers getting great utility from this device if color graphics are not a factor. The Dana Wireless runs about $380.

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