Cisco’s building a secure world

Security is turning into an area of major focus for Cisco Systems. The company hit the buyout trail again, and snapped up Perfigo for $74 million in cash. Cisco recently announced it is teaming up with big names Microsoft, IBM, Computer Asssociates to jointly roll out products aimed at helping customers better protect corporate computer networks. Last year, Cisco paid $154 million in stock for intrusion detection software maker Okena, which only raised about $17 million. Light Reading says that” this latest move will be just one of a number of acquisitions Cisco will likely make as it seeks to plug its technology gaps.” Anyway this latest deal is raining cash on Greylock, the VC firm that holds a major stake in Perfigo, a maker of network access control technology designed. to squash worms and viruses from penetrating computer networks. Venture Wire says Greylock is the sole investor, and had invested $2.8 million into the company back in 2002. Perfigo customers include universities such as Stanford and LSU, T-Mobile and Lycos.