Tracking Route 128….D.C. Churbuck Reports


My former boss at David Churbuck as joined the blog world, with his new offering, D.C. Churbuck Reports. As a former reporter – 13 years at Forbes, four at PC Week, four at daily newspapers, he still has the writing bug, and boy it is going to be fun having him in the blog world. He is using WordPress. Welcome David, and stop gloating please!

Juvenal wrote that an incurable itch for scribbling [cacoethes scribendi] takes possession of many, and grows inveterate in their insane breast. Oliver Wendell Homes wrote: “So many foolish persons are rushing into print, that it requires a kind of literary police to hold them back and keep them in order.” It is said that 12,000 so-called blogs are launched every day. Here’s yet another. So what’s my point in greasing the ways, knocking out the chocks, and swinging the champagne bottle against the prow of my ship? Boredom, a cluttered mind, and a terminal case of cacoethes scribendi. I still have a verbal itch to scratch, and this is the leg of the couch I choose to do it on.

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