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EverNote public beta

EvernoteI have been following the EverNote web site for a few weeks now since first hearing about their revolutionary note-taking program EverNote. EverNote is a lot like OneNote from Microsoft but with the unique difference of utilizing a time line metaphor for searching notes. EverNote also creates automatic categories optionally that makes organizing and searching notes even easier than OneNote. Like OneNote you can drag and drop just about anything into an EverNote making it very easy to capture information for future reference.Tablet PC owners will be happy to learn that EverNote supports inking. While EverNote doesn’t use the inking technology in the Tablet OS it is based on the engine behind ritePen. A welcome feature in EverNote is the ability of the program to refine hand-drawn shapes into something that looks better.Looks really promising and I’m going to give it a whirl.(EverNote via theofficeweblog)

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  1. Since SP1 OneNote will sync (one-way only) with WM devices. It will bring all WM notes into OneNote in a special tab. I have asked Microsoft about a WM version and they are non-committal about it. :(

  2. Looks great and since I’m in the middle of my free 60 day OneNote trial, I think I’ll put these two head to head. One observation though: no Windows Mobile version (for EverNote or OneNote). I’d love to see this type of platform ported to WM…