Motorola A768i- Linux smartphone


Motorola_linux_smartphoneMobileburn has published a very in-depth look at the Motorola A768i smartphone running the Linux OS. On the surface the A768i (who thinks up these product names?) looks like a regular flip phone exept it has no number pad. Some of the basic features of the phone are: tri-band GPRS, Bluetooth, MP3 player, speakerphone, color screen and a multi-function camera capable of shooting both stills and video. That is quite a feature list packed into a phone that is pretty small for a smartphone. Check out the review to see how Linux stacks up in this cool smartphone.


Pham Quang Duc

Where can i download the Linux OS for my Motorola A768i.It didn’t work as a phone,it just only a PDA,and i don’t known why?

Lic. Esquivel


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