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Motorola fesses upto v710 problems

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motorolav710.jpgMotorola’s V710 problems, as noted by Russell, and a whole scores of others are pretty real and are causing the company major headaches. The company fessed up to this in its conference call. Moto said that the alignment of the camera module is
off center causing a recall and replacement of the phones in the channel. An
announcement of this issue should come through in the next few days, Legg Mason analyst Timm Bechter says, and points out that the company has a history of botching up products. Verizon is pissed to say the least and is looking else where, and chances are it could be looking at Nokia. “As has often been the case for Motorola, designing appealing products has been its strongpoint, while delivering those products on time and without problems has been more of an issue. We remind investors of a similar issue with one of the triplets last season, where the antenna blocked a portion of the camera’s view, and of the Motorola T720, which never made it through full testing with Verizon Wireless due to late delivery and was instead launched below Verizon’s traditionally stringent testing procedures, with many problems.” I am hearing that Motorola Razor might be delayed because of quality issues. Timm doesn’t point out that the Moto UI just simply sucks! I wonder what Albert Lin of American Technology Research have to say about this?

10 Responses to “Motorola fesses upto v710 problems”

  1. Rob James

    I ve had verizon for years, and through my own personal experience with them, THEY SUCK. I’m using cricket now, and i think they will be on top before long. unlimited minutes so you dont worry about if your over or not, and no contract, so you dont have to worry about your bill getting out of hand. they just took off the verizon programming, and installed the cricket programming onto my razor and i was good to go. Save my alot of money and time.


  2. Johnestock

    Verizon has the most complete coverage in North America, and CDMA is the most efficient way to deploy cellular service (as measured in capital and expense dollars per cellular customer). That’s why they keep getting the most net ads–the killer app on mobile phones is… guess what? VOICE… If you can’t use your cool new phone to talk to someone it’s not really worth that much… THAT said, here is the f*ing problem… CDMA globally has less than one-fifth of the subscribers that GSM does. So, the neat new features that the phone manufacturers come up with (bluetooth–geez Verizon, JUST getting a bluetooth phone NOW? and you defeature it to make more money? RIDICULOUS, cameras, calendaring and contact capability) are introduced into the GSM network first–it’s obvious economics. It seems clear to me that Verizon knows they have the best network, so they really don’t even attempt to add new features (even the ones that trickle into the CDMA stack) at attractive pricepoints into their phone set. That is fine for NOW, but the GSM players are NOT going to stand still with respect to network coverage and quality in North America, particularly given the scale of the Cingular/AT&T Wireless system. I would humbly suggest to any Verizon employee reading this that you get paranoid NOW and start at least ATTEMPTING to pay lip service to having an attractive and competitive phone set. By the way, Korea is a full CDMA system and they have some truly kick-a** phones over there…

  3. Don’t be so shallow Mike and Omar. It is true that Verizon is the biggest service provider. However, don’t let there coverage domination fool you. They have the worst customer service and look out for nothing else but to squeeze more money out of a person.

    Verizon does carry extremely difficult guidelines for companies competing for their business. Yes, Motorola needs to probably verify some of their prototypes. However, any new product will have bugs. Unfortuneatley, even Motorolans are humans…

    Motorola is not the bad guy. If you want to shake a finger at a big company, then why don’t you ask Verizon why they are limiting their Bluetooth capability on their products even though you are paying a bucket full of money for something that should do everything….. You just might be surprised by their response….

  4. Joe you are a jack ass. Verizon is the best cellular company you’ve ever had in america, they have phones that work. The bottom line with a phone is that it work in as many places as possible. I refuse to even call friends with t-crap and cingular and dont’ get me started on ” please wait while we contact …stupid ass nextel……..Cdma obviously doesn’t suck or verizon wouldn’t have the best coverage and best service. The comments about the car are wrong also. Any jack ass would know that they are all doing bluetooth and you can choose whatever phone company you like. go fuck yourself.

  5. You cannot blame Motorola for the failures on some of these units made for Verizon. Verizon is one of the worst cellular companies I have seen. They make life a living hell for cellphone manufactures with their deadlines and other requests that’s impossible in the wireless industry. This doesn’t give the cell manufactures enough time to test their products because they have to meet Verizon’s deadline or the contract is off.

    What’s the problem with Motorola? They BOW down to Verizon (Evil Cellular Empire). Motorola should stand up to themselves and should inform Verizon listen, this is what we make and you take it or leave it. Why is that we don’t that much of Motrola GSM issue’s? CDMA sucks, get a life. BMW, Mercedes did drop CDMA from their car lines and they are going with GSM. Verizon and Microsoft can join together and change their names to Micozon (two evil empires).

  6. In Canada, Bell Mobility and Telus Mobility has not carried a Moto phone ever since they both carried the low-end v120 “peanut” phones in 2000. They were so poorly made (their antennas would break off easily) that the rumour is Motorola was persona non gratis for four years. Bell Mobility has only now started carrying another Motorola phone (the low-end C341).

    It doesn’t seem to be limited to CDMA phones, either. To the Rogers Wireless subscribers in, the poor workmanship on some of Moto’s GSM phones (specifically the C333) has reached legendary proportions.