Microsoft’s Worst NightMare


Business 2.0: Blake Ross is lounging at his parents’ Florida Keys condo, thinking ahead to his first day back at Stanford. His goal for his sophomore year: nothing less than to “take back the Web” from Microsoft (MSFT). You might think the shy 19-year-old is outmatched. Think again. Ross, a software prodigy who interned at Netscape at age 14, is the lead architect behind Mozilla’s Firefox — a revolutionary new browser that’s catching on the way Mosaic did in 1993. In beta for the past four months, Firefox version 1.0 is set to be released in November. With that, Ross will issue the first truly formidable challenge to Internet Explorer that the world has seen in seven years. “We’re hoping for 10 million downloads in 10 days,” Ross says proudly. Continue Reading at Business 2.0 website.



Here I am in the future, sitting in my flying car, and Firefox is pretty big. Good call.


We have been using Firefox fr three months now and find that it has greatly reduced the ‘intake’ of viruses.


Firefox has got to be one of the best browsers available. I use it on both Mac and PC, and have been successful in getting other people to ‘make the switch’. I certainly wish Mr. Ross the best of luck in his endeavors – and hope that FireFox will bring the Browser Wars to a new level.

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