DLP is getting hot


hot stuff, this DLPDigital Light Processing technology is beginning to sizzle, and is going to gain further momentum. Clues of this could be found in the recent earnings report from Texas Instruments, the main proponent of this technology. In simple language, it is a worthy competitor to LCD technologies, and uses an optical semiconductor to recreate images. In the third quarter, the company reported better that expected revenues because of company’s Digital Light Processing (DLP) and wireless digital signal processor (DSP) products. DLPs are used in newer televisions, and according to the company, DLP based TVs have started to outsell plasma TVs in North America. (Christmas is coming, so this could be even better news, and in case any readers wants me to have one, well send it my way.) I think the company might have a bigger hit on its hands: the rise of cheap projectors in my view is going to increase DLP penetration. Who needs a big TV when you can get a tiny DLP projector that does the trick, and well doesn’t take too much room, and is cheaper. Engadget is pointing to one from Toshiba, which is clearly buyable! Business 2.0 has a full lowdown on how this technology is going to be a big winner for TI.

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