Buying Time, before doing time


bllomberg photo via NYTImes - Bernie is looking really good, ain't he?The New York Times: Bernie Ebbers, former chief executive of WorldCon, has two more months to put together a case, and defend himself in his criminal trial for conspiracy, securities fraud and filing false statements to securities regulators. Times says the trial is going to run for about eight weeks. If found guilty, Bernie could go to jail for 25 years. Judge Barbara S. Jones of United States District Court in Manhattan rejected any appeals to move the trial to Mississippi. Good call judge.. Bernie still owns people in that state, lock stock and barrel. The trial will start on January 17, 2005, instead of Nov. 9. Ebbers’ crew begged that they need more time to go through “hundreds of boxes of new evidence gathered by federal prosecutors so it could prepare a defense.” Well this is what I call buying time, before doing time. Maybe he needs more time to convince the already unraveling MCI to pay his bills for reaming them!

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