Waiting for MSN TV 3

Fortune Magazine’s Peter Lewis has a scathing review of MSN TV 2 “non-computer” and after reading that, I realized, Microsoft is never going to make it in the consumer electronics space. They just can’t stop thinking that the whole world is a “computer.” The reason X-Box works so well, no real Windows crap inside!

In 1628, King Gustavus II Adolphus of Sweden ordered the launch of the most powerful and technically advanced warship that had ever been built, the Vasa. Bands played, flags fluttered, and the entire city of Stockholm watched as the lavishly equipped Vasa glided into the harbor, set sail—and tipped over and sank. Some 50 souls were lost, but the captain swam ashore and crawled straight to a tavern. By those standards, the launching of Microsoft’s new MSN TV 2 Internet & Media Player is a grand success….. Anyone who has enjoyed a high-speed, always-on broadband connection to a PC or Mac will find the “please wait” messages, even on the broadband-enabled MSN TV 2 Player, to be as welcome as scurvy.

Needless to say, the review did not go too well, and MSN TV 2 will soon give way to MSN TV 3 and 4 and 5…


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