Long Distance is Dead… this time we mean it


IXC or the inter exchange carriers like AT&T and Sprint have long known that long distance phone call business is going to die. AT&T realized it earlier, and decided to stop actively marketing it… why throw good money after bad… and Sprint realized a week or so ago. Sprint’s asset write down is going to be around $2.5 billion, a pittance compared to AT&T’s $11.4 billion dollar write down. Now MCI is saying well, this crap is costing too much and took a $3.5 billion write down. Total: $17.4 billion in assets, mostly long distance related….pooof! Anyway things are unraveling at MCI pretty fast. Cindy Anderotti, MCI’s president of enterprise sales, the business unit that brings in the big dollars and keeps this sucker from sinking into a deeper, darker hole, has left the company, and Seth D. Blumenfeld, who heads MCI’s international business, is retiring at the end of the year. Ouch! Who will buy this crap now!

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