Sharp pulls Zaurus from US


In a move following the lead of both Sony and Toshiba, Sharp has announced they will stop selling the Zaurus line of Linux PDAs in the US. Sharp will sell the remaining US inventory of the SL-6000 PDA and then focus on the Japanese market. This is terrible news coming on the heels of announcing a new clamshell Linux PDA, the SL-C3000 which is the first PDA to come with an integrated 4 GB microdrive. It is clear the Japanese handheld makers have decided they cannot sustain sales in the US of any volume. I was really hoping to see the SL-C3000 in the US. :( Maybe it’s time we tell the Toshibas, Sonys, and Sharps that if they won’t sell the products in the US that we want (PDAs) then we won’t buy the laptops, MP3 players, HDTVs, and PCs. Voting with the wallet always gets company attention.(infoSync World)

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