Flarion, is coming baby!

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Wall Street Journal this morning expressed some doubts about Flarion’s future and its Flash-OFDM technology. I don’t have any. Why? because this morning, Netgear announced that it was going to start making desktop modems for licensed and cellular spectrum into a Netgear wireless router for home and small businesses. This will allow people wirelessly sharing the broadband pipe inside the home or office to have seamless handoff to the wide area cellular network deployed by the mobile operator, for enhanced connectivity. The products are likely to be available later this quarter for operator trial. Charlie Sierra, who knows Flarion better than anyone email me this morning and pointed out:

Perhaps Nextel will announce its decision to deploy Flarion during its conference call. This will accomplish two things, 1) it will put a marker on the table that will show that Verizon’s silly opposition to the 800mhz Swap Plan is purely anti-competitive, and (most importantly) 2) it will stall the highly ramped up enterprise marketing efforts of both Sprint and Verizon with respect to 1xEV-DO.

The message from Nextel is clear, Flarion is better today, and is positioned for the future, thus don’t be a loser and sign with VZW or PCS. I’ve always like Nextel, they’re kinda like AC-DC, just straight up rock-n-roll, no fancy pants bullshit.

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