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Daily Music Wrap: Oct 18, ’04

Daily digital music related stories, in a convenient wrap-up.

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P2P Ad-Supported Music Downloads: Let consumers download their clients’ music for free, in exchange for receiving ads targeted by their file-sharing behavior…

UNC starts pilot program to allow free file sharing: Four providers — iTunes, Ruckus, Cdigix and Rhapsody — are participating in the test runs at UNC…

NEC develops MP3, AAC mobilechip: Will allow mobile telephone handset makers to integrate MP3 and AAC…

Landmark Aussie music download case in court: Accused by ARIA of being one of the biggest copyright law infringers in the world.

Listeners Set the Rules for Digital Music: 55 percent of legal downloaders buy tracks to determine whether they want to buy the CD album

Magnatune Offers Free Album To First Year Customers: Giving away an album to all of its first year customers.