Coming Soon, Cell Phone battery standards


InfoSync reports that IEEE is working on putting together standards for mobile phone batteries. I wonder if handset makers will play ball, given that they make a ton of money off these add-ons!

We’re kind of thinking it’s one of those cold-day-in-hell sort of things, but regardless the IEEE is beginning work on a standard for cellphone batteries called IEEE P1725, which would include specifications on making themn uniform in design (among other things). Whereas this could only be a good thing for the consumer, the IEEE has no power over cellphone manufacturers and could hardly force the adoption of the standard, no matter how good it may be. So for now we’re expecting more of the same: crappy batteries with crappy life that require replacement in a couple of months. Thanks for trying, guys!

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I’ve had nothing but good experience with SonyEricsson parts. With my R520m batteries were working for up to a week when I bought the phone, and at least 3-4 das after 2,5 years (when I replaced it with a P900 which has had constant performance for the last ~8 months).
Ericsson and later SonyEricsson were also excellent when it came to add-ons: their “interface” on the bottom of the phones didn’t change for many many years, so you could use headphones, radio-addons, chargers etc. across (almost) all different phone models.

However I do agree that standardization will be good for the market. It seems like 2-3 years ago would have been perfect for that, since most phones looked a like anyway. I wonder if consumers will base their buying decisions on such incentives (or wether it’s one of the things where everyone says: “Yes, it’s important”, but then goes on to buy something that doesn’t have that feature).


Yup… its the same thing in the printer cartridges. you can get cheaper clones but somehow don’t bother. hate being lazy. i guess its one of those things … ah


It’s intersting that while it would be excellent for consumers to standardize batteries (and power adapters), the manufacturers will never do so for the reasons cited (mostly, they make lots of money and consumers don’t value it enough to actually shop for it).

Charlie Sierra

Batteries are so last century, why not focus on miniture fuel cell standardization?

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