Broadband changes web-advertising

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David Emberton, who apparently is a Flash guru thinks that the onset of broadband era is going to radically change the advertising on the Internet, and will lead to new kind of adverts: somewhere between text and television ads, and Flash will be key technology. For those of you who have been following what I have long said, Broadband is like electricity. We have only begun to use it and just like electricity it is going to bring about a radical change in our lives. Broadband-enabled advertising is only one aspect of it.

My contacts in advertising have all recently been talking about “immersive full-video experiences” which they intend to implement with Flash. The idea is to ditch key elements of the text web interface (namely text and traditional forms), and create something that’s a hyper-real blend of video and animation. But that can easily be palmed off as advertising directors abusing the web. If you’ve spent much time stripping your work back to bare basics for the sake of standards compliance, you’d probably think so. However, you’d be missing the real insight here, which is that the development of broadband as a distinct space is finally starting to happen.

Here is more of Macromedia and its future

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Ingmar Bornholz

well, these are very interesting thoughts. Actually our company just has launched a system called “motionet” ( It is able to play videos dynamically, so that you can influence it´s content on the fly (e.g. inserting commercials) Further on our system autmatically analyzes the user connection bandwith and delivers the right version of the movie. The player is fully skinnable and easy integrateable into every CI (and of course in every website). But our main question is: who could be the target group for our system? Is it the advertising agencies? Is it the companies? Do you have a hint? Thx, Ingmar ;-)

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