NY Times: Desktop Search is Hot!

New York Times: : Google’s urgency in releasing a desktop search program shows that it knows the fight over search is moving to new ground.

Well I guess Times finally gets around to the same conclusion, what the blogsphere has known for months. Back in June, it was clear that desktop search was the “new new thing” and guess what it has nothing do with Google. Its to do with harsh reality of new digital life.

I think as more and more people network their home computers, devices and all sorts of other stuff, there is going to be a need for a special search tool which can “scan” and “find” the stuff on the local networks. I am currently dying trying to find stuff on like a terabyte of data which sits in all sorts of devices on my home network. (from the archives actually)

Which also begs the question: If desktop search is so hot, why do the guys in charge of Sun Microsystems bought a desktop-related tool, and then shut it down. Why didn’t San Jose Mercury News ask any questions about “bone headed moves” Sun makes.


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