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TechWeb is hosting the First Annual TechWeb Network Best Independent Tech Blog Readers Choice Awards and if you want to nominate jkOnTheRun that would be cool. I am not the biggest or the best tech blog out there but if all three of you vote for me then that would be four votes (counting mine). :-) I do not care about winning but getting jkOTR recognized as existing would be very cool. What would be extremely cool is if I got enough votes that the TechWeb people said “who the hell is that?” Complete rules and link:Nominate jkOnTheRun for best tech blog!

Do you read tech blogs? We’re looking for you to tell us which are the best of the best. Right now, it’s your chance to nominate your favorite independent tech blogs. What kinds of tech blogs are eligible? All blogs that cover technology and are published independently of a major publishing company are eligible.Here are some examples of the types of weblogs you can nominate.1. Personal weblogs, discussing technology from one individual’s perspective2. Personal weblogs, digesting and disseminating technology news3. Group weblogs, digesting and disseminating technology newsTen finalists, one winner, $500 worth of coffee, a whole bunch of promotion.Ten finalists will be announced on November 1 and will receive a “2004 Best Tech Blog Finalist” logo and six months of promotion across TechWeb Network sites. Voting begins on November 1 and on November 15 the winner will be announced. The winner receives a special “2004 Best Tech Blog” logo and (to keep those blogging juices flowing late into the night) a $500 coffee card from Starbucks.Important, Please Read:You may nominate any independently-published tech blog. All blogs nominated must cover some aspect of technology and must be published independently of a major publishing company. CMP may, in its sole discretion, disqualify blogs that do not meet these criteria. Nominations that are deemed to have been submitted via automated means or submitted multiple times by the same person will be disqualified.

Nominate jkOnTheRun for best tech blog!


Jon Napier

Yeah, I bought a powerbook and have adapted to the mac way of working, it’s very reliable and comfortable to use for long periods, it has become my main machine. I’ve got an up-to-date VAIO on XP but I seem to use it less and less.


Jon Napier

Good luck jk you’ve got my vote, I read your blog everyday and I’d love to see you shortlisted,


Kevin C. Tofel


I’ve got an autoscript banging away at the nomination server for you!!! Just kidding…I can only vote for you once & I just did!



Thanks Bob! Actually only the top 10 sites nominated get to participate in the voting phase. I agree with the email requirement. I keep a real “throwdown” address I use with stuff like this.


Tried to nominate you also. Wasn’t willing to give the personal info (like work email), but it seemed to go thru with a bogus email address (sorry@dontWantToShareIt.dom).

I think you only need a nomination, though. The voting begins Nov 1. Good luck, and great blog!


Wow, thanks you guys! To be honest I just did this as a joke but it’s absolutely great to hear feedback like this! Thanks so much. :)

David I

I just did mine. Everyone reviews new gdagets, but not a lot of people follows up like you did with the U70. The integration into your work routine by means of software, hardware ( including bags) and things needed to make this particular device useful.

Keep the great work

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