New Zaurus is first PDA with hard drive


ZaurusSharp has enjoyed the success of the Zaurus line for a few years and the Zaurus line of PDAs is certainly the most successful to be based on the Linux operating system. The SL-C860, Sharp’s current model, is one of the best equipped PDAs you can get, but Sharp has upped the ante with the SL-C3000 in a big way. Four gigabytes big. The new Zaurus is the first PDA I am aware of that will ship with an integrated 4 GB hard drive. Couple that with 128 MB of RAM, Linux, and a clamshell design that provides a nice keyboard and they have another winner. The SL-C3000 will go on sale in Japan November 15 and is expected in the US shortly after, likely through importers such as Kemplar and Dynamism.(ITmedia via engadget)

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