In Front of Mini Me Apple Stores


Business 2.0 has revamped its front of the book section, also known as In Front. This month, the section hits one right out of the ballpark. Editor at large, Erick Schonfeld, has the skinny about Apple’s New Retail Strategy in the magazine. You know the whole Mini Me retail stores concept Apple announced during the course of its earnings call.

Steve Jobs might tell you that to get bigger, you first need to get smaller. He proved that with the iPod Mini. And soon Apple plans to unveil another think-small strategy: the mini-store.With Apple stores booming in many major U.S. cities, the company is looking to further expand. So this fall, small boutique versions of its high-profile outlets — no grand staircase, no theater, limited display space — will start sprouting up in shopping malls

I have a longish piece on Firefox and why it is a much bigger nightmare for Microsoft that most people realize. Matt has the complete lowdown on ring tone economy.



Oh sorry Leo, the Firefox article is going to be online soon. its already in the magazine. i guess I shold have been more clear when i wrote that. sorry –

leo prieto

Where can I find your Firefox article? Or are you talking about articles that will be published next month? (already read Erick’s piece).

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