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Daily Music Wrap: Oct 15, ’04

Daily digital music related stories, in a convenient wrap-up.

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Eminem Satellite Radio Channel Sets October Debut: Will launch his widely expected satellite music radio channel called Shade 45 on Oct. 28

Music firms win ‘pirates’ ruling in UK: A UK court order forcing ISPs to reveal the names of illegal music swappers.

Napster pre-paid cards the first of their kind: Napster prepaid cards in Dixons retail stories in UK…

Apple iTunes sales quicken: Sold 150 million songs since the opening of its iTunes store in April of 2003

MP3, hints of delay for PlayStation Portable: Gamers will be able to download and play back MP3 files on the PlayStation Portable…

Apple Under Scrutiny as Music Competition Rises: Analysts are divided on whether the surge in profits will be eroded by competition.

Listeners set the rules for how digital music needs to be sold: Consumers just want music to be as accessible as possible.

Archos takes on iPod Mini: With its own tiny player that costs $250 and has a 20GB hard drive.

Dell Displays New TVs, Music Players: Two new models in its Dell DJ line of digital music players