Ebbers: Pay My Bills or Else


Tony Soprano, move over. For there is no one who can issue threats like the Broadbandit Bernie Ebbers. According to Associated Press, WorldCon’s ex-CEO and bankrupter-in-chief is looking for a reimbursement from the company for his millions of dollars in legal bills. This came to light in papers filed in federal bankruptcy court in New York. Ebbers goes on trial next month on fraud and conspiracy charges, and has racked up nearly $2 million in legal bills.

Green argued in his court papers that MCI bylaws require it to reimburse Ebbers for his legal bills unless a court finds Ebbers “did not meet the applicable standard of conduct.” An MCI spokesman declined comment. The company is suing Ebbers in federal bankruptcy court to recover more than $400 million in loans.

I am not sure if this means anything to others, but to me it seems like US taxpayers paying legal bills of Saddam Hussein.

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