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Daily Music Wrap: Oct 13, ’04

Daily digital music related stories, in a convenient wrap-up.

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Music industry’s Verizon appeal denied: Supreme Court refuses labels’ plea to force ISPs to identify subscribers who share copyrighted songs online

U2 pitches for Apple: A new advertising campaign featuring rock superstars U2.

Olympus to Launch Hard Disc Portable Music Player: It will launch two portable music players in November

F.Y.E. Launches Online Download Store: Through MusicNet..available at and will be followed by a pilot in 4 stores in the Q4…

D-Link, Napster Partner On Music Streaming: Bundle access to the Napster Network with D-Link’s MediaLounge Wireless Media Player

Celtic Music Service Set to Launch: Called TradTunes, a new all-Celtic online music service is set to launch this Friday…