Mac OSX emulation- it’s a Cherry!

CherryA company in Hawaii has introduced software that allows Windows XP users to run programs written for Mac OSX in a full emulation mode. MSX’s Cherry OS (get it?) reportedly runs at 80% of the speed of the host system which is pretty fast for an OS emulator. Cherry OS has complete network compatibility and provides access to all the host’s hardware resources- FireWire, CPU, hard drive, USB, PCI, PCMCIA bus and modem. Cherry OS is available only as an online downloadable purchase for $49.95 and you will need a licensed copy of Mac OSX to use it. This is an incredible boon to users with both operating systems in-house and I can’t wait to give it a try. There are quite a few Mac programs I’d love to run on my WinXP machines. Since this news has appeared on the web the MSX web site has been hammered so it may be a while before you can get in. There is an online demo of the emulator in action but I can’t get it to run yet due to their server being totally swamped.Update: I finally got in to see the demo and it basically just shows Cherry OS being installed and then creating a Mac partition. The Mac OSX installation then starts at the end of the demo. I would appreciate any information that can be provided by anyone who has tried the Cherry OS.


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