Fly Over Nation

My so called vacation is actually a short trip to meet family, see my lovely new niece, and well meet some folks for business as well while I am here. Hanging out with mom is part of the plan, and all this while chasing down stories, and of course trying to do some radio interviews. So what all have I done so far? Sat in an airport, sat in the airplane, and now it is nearing midnight, but cannot sleep. As a way to detox, saw Motorcycle Diaries over the weekend – highly recommend it! I finished reading One day At Fenway by Steve Kettmann. All right, but not that great. The guy is trying too hard. Anyway it got me in the mood for the Big Series. I perhaps a better understanding of Sox’s misery, and why it is just brilliant to add salt to the wounds, year after year. Go Yanks!


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