Wireless NAS, solution looking for a problem?


Last week, I was lamenting that home-network drives from folks like Mirra and Xiemta need to get some intelligence. I guess, the folks at these companies are working on this problem. The dumb but connected drives are a problem. The other new and hot category which is having tough time getting started is Wireless NAS, or WiFI enabled Network Attached Storage. As a reader of mine pointed out, “In theory, a HD that is “always on” and plugged into the network without needing to be attached to a computer is a fantastic idea.” There are just too many players who have undifferentiated products that address no particular problem. As this article in
Unstrung points out, Wireless NAS is neither fish nor fowl. It does not fit into enterprises, and well the consumers have given it the ole heave ho. Some interesting uses though.

Hotels and schools take to the Procom’s Taurus. Hotels place a wireless server on each floor to provide guests with wireless access, then use a central server to run the software needed for administrative functions such as management, billing, and so on. Taurus has also found a home in college classrooms and lecture halls. Professors place their presentations and assignments on a server so students can access the material on laptops or handheld devices.

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