With EsQube, VoIP Revolution comes to india

Santosh Kumar points to EsQube, the first Indian VoIP Startup is bringing VoIP revolution to India. (Ironic given that government deems VoIP illegal.) Kumar points out this is a company coming out of the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. IIS has been doing some serious research in the areas of digital signal processors and telecom. EsQube has launched a piece of software called, VQube, which is like Skype. (Vqube has some useful features & advantages like – ability to work behind NAT & Firewalls, High Quality Voice with Very Low Bit Rates, Instant Messaging with VQube Chat, etc.) VQube is apparently available for download at download.com. I see it, and since it is Windows, I am not going to trial it till monday. The founders claim it works on dial-up, well. I have been hearing about dial-up VoIP. Shit that’s been around since the time Marc Andreessen started showing up on covers of magazines. Dial-Up VoIP is FUD. However, rest of EsQube’s features look interesting. Please post your impressions.


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