With EsQube, VoIP Revolution comes to india


Santosh Kumar points to EsQube, the first Indian VoIP Startup is bringing VoIP revolution to India. (Ironic given that government deems VoIP illegal.) Kumar points out this is a company coming out of the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. IIS has been doing some serious research in the areas of digital signal processors and telecom. EsQube has launched a piece of software called, VQube, which is like Skype. (Vqube has some useful features & advantages like – ability to work behind NAT & Firewalls, High Quality Voice with Very Low Bit Rates, Instant Messaging with VQube Chat, etc.) VQube is apparently available for download at download.com. I see it, and since it is Windows, I am not going to trial it till monday. The founders claim it works on dial-up, well. I have been hearing about dial-up VoIP. Shit that’s been around since the time Marc Andreessen started showing up on covers of magazines. Dial-Up VoIP is FUD. However, rest of EsQube’s features look interesting. Please post your impressions.


Mitul Limbani

Well guys,

Dialup VoIP is possible and very much possible and i dont think vQube has done anything fundamentally different here !!

Its just plain usage of G729 / G723.1 in a better fashion with a Digium TC400B card or Digium G729 License on your asterisk box you can also do a single Full Duplex Call (this practically sucks around 24kbps and theoritically sucks around 16kbps of bandwidth)

And G729/G723.1 has been around since quite a while and so has Digium …

Anyone wants to make it work for them, please do contact me from the signature.

Mitul Limbani,
Founder & CEO,
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I have husband in Punjab just wanted to know what is the best way to have VoIP he dose have internet. What is the best and cheapet way to call there. Thank You


VQube does not cost you. VQube is used for making free internet calls and for leaving free voicemails to your contacts.
Infact with the latest version at http://www.vqube.com , you can now even have free video call. Only that if you are on a dial up, the video will stream at 1 frame in two seconds, but then; you are on a dialup remember?
There is also this cool, feature called whiteboarding which I can use to scribble even as I talk/chat.
VQube has matured as a free VoIP software now and offers the best set of features today.



Do I understand correctly that there is a monthly fee for VQube service, but offers connectivity to only other VQube subscribers? If so, how is it like Skype? Why wouldn’t I use FWD or SIPPhone or even Skype?

Hope I am misreading the FAQ page regarding charges badly or VQube better review their business plans.

rajasekharan N.K

I am from ESQUBE, the company which has developed this product..Our Dial up VoIP really works! We have demonstrated VoiP calls clearly going through in a dial up connection with 24kbs speed to a number of venture capital froms.Seeing and hearing is believing!Simply download VQube from download.com and test it out!


One more time, VoIP is NOT illegal in India. What is illegal is coonecting VoIP traffic to PSTN on the line side. The rationale is that this connectivity is used to circumvent international settlement charges. For example one can get license to connect on the trunk side. Please read my comment to Andy’s entry that you are quoting and to one of your entries that you posted when you were visiting India (I am unable to locate the link now).


why do you beleive Dial up VOIP will not work????????

I got to ”’DISAGREE”” with ya-=—Dial up “””LIMITED”” voip will and is going to work–might want to do some ”research” before you FUD the dial up Voip theory!!! AFTER ALL, there are 870 Million GLOBAL DIAL UP accounts!


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