Another internet appliance- OnePad


OnepadWe have seen a rash of so called internet appliances lately. These are devices that are basically a slate form that are designed to be simple email and web browsing interaction tools. The Pepper Pad is a Linux based pad that has a 20 GB hard drive but at $800 might find it hard to create a market for this genre. The WebPad has a slide out keyboard that might make it easier to work with email but the company that produces it provides no pricing information so it’s probably just as expensive. Today’s internet appliance is the ETG OnePad, a slate running Windows CE .NET with a 7″ screen and both WiFi and Bluetooth. It will ship next year with a 40 GB hard drive and the company has a target price of under $500. These internet appliances may be the perfect way to get non-computer literates introduced to the internet and email.(ETG via Tom’s Hardware Guide)

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