GMail Drive- store files in your GMail account


Gmaildrive_1Everybody and his brother have likely gotten one of the free GMail invites that have been popping up everywhere over the last six months or so. I mean how can you turn down an email account that provides a ton of storage space for each individual. I suspect I am like many of the people that grabbed one of the free accounts in that I have not been using it much. I have five main email accounts that I use for everything and really have not wanted to start using yet another account. So all that free storage space has been going to waste. Not anymore.GMail Drive is a free utility that turns your GMail storage space (1 GB) into a personal file storage area on your local computer. Once you install GMail Drive a new storage device appears in the My Computer folder on your Windows computer. You can create sub folders for organizing your files which can be manipulated using drag and drop just like any other storage device on your local system. This utility is wonderful for mobile professionals who need to make absolutely sure those important documents or presentations are with you on trips. Just drag them to the GMail Drive and even if you have a problem with the file while on a trip or you forgot to bring it with you for some reason, you can still access them from anywhere in the world. Excellent tool for the mobile user.

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