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Daily Music Wrap: Oct 08, ’04

Daily digital music related stories, in a convenient wrap-up.

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Induce Act Stalled For Now: The Induce Act is not going anywhere this legislative term

Music Industry Sues 459 European Net Song-Swappers: Suing British, French and Austrian music fans for the first time… Introduces Community: Social networking service for music fans on

Love DRM or my family starves: Why Steve Ballmer doesn’t Get It

Peer-to-Peer Comes Clean: P2P networks are transmitting phone calls, blocking spam, backing up hard drives, and spreading scholarship

Waterman defends legal assault on web music piracy: Angrily rejected suggestions that his industry only had itself to blame for the fall in music sales

Heard it through the Web grapevine: The viral speard of music through blogs, social networking sites etc…