Worries about Grouper

PaidContent says that Grouper has raised MPAA concerns.: Grouper, a new streaming P2P sofwtare “which has been getting some breathless praise recently, has raised some flags at Motion Picture Association of America…the group says that Grouper has not done enough to prevent its members from illegally distributing copyright-protected movies, an activity it says is inevitable even within a small, controlled network.” Well MPAA guys are clearly jumping to conclusions here. The story in San Francisco Chronicle was published on Tuesday, and the genius who is expressing concern clearly had not used the service. For starters, the music via Grouper is streamable. Secondly, the video sharing is for mostly personal videos, those shot with digicams and video phones. Lastly, if Grouper had movie sharing features, then it would be stupid of them to allow downloads of movies. Even if they allowed the sharing of movies, then there is that whole VHS ruling. This is a truly secure peer-to-peer which limits the number of people you can share stuff with. MPAA, plans to monitor Grouper. Sure, welcome to Soviet Hollywood.