Wherever your iPod goes, Migo


Migo_logoI’ve been using my 40 GB iPod to mirror my important files from my laptop for a while. It’s a nice added benefit the iPod provides and it’s saved my butt more than once. A new software product was just announced takes this a step further by letting you automatically store your computer’s settings onto the iPod. Plug the iPod equipped with Migo into any PC and presto, the new computer looks and acts just like your own. The Migo software stores Outlook email, calendar and contacts, Internet Explorer favorites and browsing history as well as data files, presentations and much more on the iPod’s hard drive. Migo also copies your desktop wallpaper so when you plug your iPod into another PC, not only is your vital data with you but the interface becomes the same as your own. No personal data remains behind when you disconnect your iPod from the foreign computer. Migo sells for $99.(Migo press release via engadget)

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