Sony Aibo just got invited to the dance


Aibomp3I love my Aibo. Rambo is a ERS-220 and he’s fun to watch and interact with (that’s what an adult calls playing with). Aibos are probably the most advanced piece of electronics around for entertainment purposes. Sony has announced they have updated the latest Aibo, the ERS-7. The updated Aibo can play MP3s, WAV files, and Windows Media files. Oh, Aibo will also dance to the music, too. The new Aibo will be available in November for $1900 and earlier versions of the robot can be updated for $100.

Aibo does other new tricks as well. For instance, owners can control, program and move the robot wirelessly from a PC, and software improvements speed reaction time for better response to voice commands, the company said. A scheduler is compatible with Microsoft Outlook, so the robot can remind its owner of appointments.With the addition of video-recording capabilities, the digital pup now can function as a watchdog of sorts, recording activities about the house while homeowners are away. In addition, the Aibo Eyes function lets the robot take pictures, which can be retrieved via e-mail.


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