Finally a ClearType Tuner Powertoy


Cleartype_tunerMicrosoft Cleartype technology is a powerful tool for rendering fonts on LCD screens properly. The difference between normal displays on a laptop and a Cleartype enabled screen can be quite spectacular. For some reason Windows XP does not enable Cleartype by default so the first thing a user with an LCD screen should do is enable it. This has always entailed a visit to the Cleartype web site and running the Cleartype Tuner through Internet Explorer. Not anymore. Microsoft has finally released the Cleartype Tuner PowerToy for Windows XP users that creates a control panel applet, which is where it belongs. It’s free and once you install it you have complete control for enabling and optimizing Cleartype for your particular display. Well worth the trouble to go get it.


Michael Harrison

Thanks for the info. I had CT enabled on my laptop but the tuner let me go even farther. I’m looking forward to trying it on my desktop LCD screen tonight.


Cleartype Tuner is an easy to use and it has vastly improved the look of fonts on my monitor- A Dell 2001FP. One thing to consider is that some fonts look better than others (especially when small), but most of the default system fonts on xp look good even small. Well worth getting.

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