Webpad Internet Appliance


WebpadA company I confess I have never heard anything about, Whipsaw Inc., has another “internet appliance” called the Webpad. An internet appliance is geared to providing a wireless tablet-like device for browsing the web and working with email from anywhere in your house. There are several innovative design features in the Webpad that sets it apart from similar devices, like the Pepper Pad previously covered.The Webpad has a flat slate form factor with a handle sticking out at the top of the device and a little finger slot on the bottom. Pull on the finger slot and a full keyboard slides out of the bottom of the device for text entry. In the same motion the handle on top slides down into the unit keeping the size as small as possible. The LCD screen also props up for use like a laptop. There is very little information about the technical specifications of the Webpad on the Whipsaw web site but the device looks like it could be very useful for web work.

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