Soyuz Mission Laptop Bags


Soyuz_laptop_bagSoyuz_city_bagIn the neverending quest for the perfect “cool” gadget bag I ran across these laptop bags that are so very cool that I want one. From Everquest Designs these three bags make up the Soyuz 1990 TM-8 MIR Space Mission Series. Each bag is covered with material from the actual parachute the spacecraft used for re-entry to earth following a successful space mission.They have a laptop bag, a messenger bag that fits widescreen laptops, and a city bag. They are pricey at $195 each but how cool is this for a laptop carryall? Each bag comes with a certificate of authenticity confirming the material used was part of the main landing parachute used on a mission that ended on February 19, 1990. Great idea!


Jack Eales

Well that’s it…. my girlfriend is going to kill me for wasting more money that I don’t really have – but I’ve ordered one – they’re waaay to cool not too…

Cheers dude!!

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