Fujitu’s new convertible Tablet PC


Fuji_t4000Fujitsu snuck one past everybody and yesterday announced the new T4000 convertible Tablet PC. The specs are impressive with the most innovative being the use of the Dothan processor (up to 1.8 Ghz) and including a modular drive bay. Shipping is expected on October 21st with a base price of $2019.Full specs:· Dothan Pentium M: 1.6 GHz 725 or 1.8 GHz 745· Tablet PC Edition 2005· 12″ display, unfortunately only XGA, but 160-degree wide angle· 256 MB of 333 MHz memory minimum, 2 GB maximum, 2 DIMM slots available· 40-80 GB hard drive· Intel integrated graphics with shared memory· 16-bit audio card· 802.11b/g Centrino wireless, 56k modem, LAN· 2 USB 2.0, 1 FireWire (nice), VGA out, infrared port (oddly placed on the back), headphone/microphone, docking port· Smart card and SD slots/readers, type II PC Card slot· Comes with OneNote 2003· Up to 5 hour battery life with the main battery· Bridge battery for warm swapping the main one· Optional Bluetooth· Five function buttons, all apparently with secondary actions· Modular bay, which can house any of the following: DVD ROM, DVD/CD-RW combo drive, Multi-Format DVD Writer, Bay Battery· 8.5 hour battery life with the secondary battery· 4.3 pound weight with a weight saver, and 4.7 with a media drive installed(via Tabula PC)

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