Business 2.0, unplugged

At Business 2.0 we are trying out a new technology, and as part of the effort we are basically putting the whole magazine online. You can read, it flip through it and if possible crash-test this little effort of ours. Here is the link to get the magazine. My colleague, Damon Darlin’ has this to say:

We got a lot of flak for putting much of the content on our Web site “behind the curtain.” Only subscribers and people who buy the magazine off the newstand can get access. Whether we argued that our content was worth paying for ($4.99 for six months. Cheap!) or that we had a lot of mouths to feed at home, we never got a sympathetic hearing. We aren’t changing our policy. But guess what, folks? You can see the entire October issue of Business 2.0 by clicking on those magic words. It’s a fabulous issue from Om Malik’s piece on how people are getting rich in Silicon Valley to the gallery of the latest gadgets for your car. You even get to see the ads, including those heavy-stock inserts done by Virgin Atlantic. Just promise me you won’t look at page 24. That will just spoil it for everyone.


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