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AT&T Wireless Launches Music Store; Purchase Through Mobiles

mmode1.jpgWell, AT&T Wireless is dubbing it as the first mobile music store in U.S., which is is NOT a mobile music store. It is just a mobile interface (it also has an online counterpart), and you can purchase songs through the mobile interface, NOT listen to them on your mobiles (besides the 30-second clip). You can only listen to them on your PC. So it is what it is: an in-between business model, which is neither here nor there…but surely, in a year or two, as handsets evolve and operators and labels become open about the mobility aspects of music, efforts such as these would bear fruit…
(As an aside: UK and other European countries are way ahead on combining mobile and online music…I cover it every day here…reverse SMS is the way to go for such stores and as you know, that’s common everywhere except U.S.)
Now that this is out of my system, here’s the news: AT&T Wireless has launched its mMode Music Store, where (only AT&T Wireless) users can browse, listen to (30 second clips only on compatible handsets) and purchase digital music tracks from a library of approximately 750,000 songs. The store is being launched with technology from Loudeye and Microsoft. Songs are 99 cents and albums $9.99…
The music tracks are downloaded to users’ PCs and billed automatically to their monthly AT&T Wireless statement or credit card. The users still pay for their data usage charges through mMode (probably depends on the kind of phone plan someone has).
What’s more interetsing is that AT&T is tying in the service to its Music ID feature, which can recognize/tag songs and then store them (in form of a text message). This mobile music recognition technology was launched in AT&TW in association with Shazam, earlier in April this year.
Full details of the store and features in the release..also see the related link below…
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