Seize the Work Day updated for SP2


Seize_the_work_day_1I’ve been reading the excellent book by Michael Linenberger, Seize the Work Day, and it’s a wonderful narrative detailing his method for incorporating the Tablet PC into his daily routine. He covers excellent methods of organizing his tasks and he talks about all the software tools available for the Tablet PC to make the user’s work day easier. I highly recommend this book for all Tablet PC owners, and anyone curious if a Tablet PC might work for them will likely find it useful too.When the book was released Tablet PC 2005 (SP2) was not yet released and since it brings major improvements to the text input options Michael has published an update in PDF format that you can download from the book’s web site.



No, the book addresses specific tools for Outlook and the Tablet that makes his method work. You could get the benefit of his methodology but probably not worth the price of the book for just that. Thanks for the link.


Very interesting. Since it’l be at least a year before I move to the tablet, though , do you think the book is a worthwhile read for Pocket PC users? I know his focus is on the tablet, but still wonder if significant parts of his methods are portable.

Thanks. BTW, I finally got around to linking to jkotr from my blog … I’m slow, but I generally do what I plan on.

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