Podcasting- can you hear me now?


Pretty much everybody who hasn’t been in prison for the past few years has heard how popular blogging has become. Well, to tell you the truth they may even be blogging from prison for all I know. The ability for Joe Everyperson to start their own little hub on the web and post their inner most thoughts and dreams has grown to mammoth proportions. Witness this site, for example. Blogging has become such a mainstream part of the internet that it’s caused a major ripple in mainstream media. Blogging has become, well, respectable.There’s a tech-savvy bunch of people (blogging pioneers) who felt that just writing the blog wasn’t enough. They said “let’s broadcast like a radio station”. On their blogs. Using RSS to blast it to anyone who signed up for the feed. Podcasting was born. It’s called Podcasting as the earliest feeds were made to download to iPods for listening on the go. I believe that Podcasting is going to be huge in coming months and we will see an explosion of personal broadcasts on just about any subject you can imagine. Just like blogs but with sound. Even mainstream media is noticing and I believe they are a little bit scared. With bloggers providing acceptable coverage of global events, Podcasts can start replacing mainstream media coverage with very little cost to the broadcasters. Remember where you read this. Maybe before long you can hear articles like this on jkOTR.To read more about the tools to get started enjoying the world of Podcasts read on.

Probably the easiest way to start downloading and listening to Podcasts is to grab iPodder. iPodder is a little program that runs on your PC and downloads Podcast audio files (usually MP3s) to your MP3 device. It will run on both Windows and Macs and of course supports downloading to the iPod. It’s evolved over time and will now work with other devices through Windows Media Player. There’s also a Pocket PC version of iPodder for downloading the Podcasts to your PPC. Sweet.Once you’ve installed iPodder and configured it you can find a nice list of current “shows” for download at ipodder.org. Most of these Podcasts have been airing for a while and most have daily shows. The shows are pulled in via RSS 2.0 feeds that support enclosures. You should just try them and see which shows become your favorites and with iPodder you can listen to them whenever you have free time. Enjoy the show!



Just downloaded iPodder 1.0 and it’s much improved. Thanks for the link, Kevin.

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