FTTH gets a Voice (oIP)


One of the biggest regrets of the week is that I have not been able to attend the FTTH Expo down in Florida. Despite the hurricanes, it would have been an interesting time to check out the conference, and separate hype from reality. Anyway I just got word that HomeNet Communications, iProvo’s first service provider) today announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with NetCentrex, and will together sell VoIP services to small-to-medium-size fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) deployments. HomeNet will offer iProvo-connected homes and businesses its HomeNet integrated triple play services (phone, video and Internet) at speeds up to 100 megabits per second (100Mbps) and at a cost equal to or less than what it currently costs for services offered today by traditional providers.

Talking about FTTH, World Wide Packets has been making waves in the FTTP space. The company snagged a big order from Douglas Electric, a non-profit electricity coop in Douglas County, Oregon. Douglas Electric offers business-class IP services to almost 20 towns and municipalities through its Douglas FastNet (DFN), which delivers bandwidth in excess of one GB to the subscriber. Elsewhere, Wave 7 Optics announced that Izumo Cablevision is deploying Wave7’s Last Mile Link (LML) optical broadband system in a new network serving the city of Taki-Cho (Shimane Prefecture).

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