10/04/2004 VoIP Daily


  • South Korean for VoIP: 070. When is our FCC going to wake up from its boob and BPL obsession and do something that can be deemed good return on tax-payer’s investment.
  • Cox launches digital telephone service in Tulsa; 14th telephone market for the company and its second VoIP market; two additional VoIP markets being turned on this month (Baton Rouge and West Texas)
  • Qwest launches OneFlex Integrated Access which enables business customers to bundle their voice and data services over one high-bandwidth Internet connection. The solution uses customers’ existing telephony infrastructure, such as their PBX or key system equipment. With OneFlex Integrated Access, customers get one monthly rate for local and on-net voice services on up to 13 lines, and dedicated Internet access up to 1544 kilobits per second (equivalent to a T-1 line)
  • Businesses are missing the real point of VoIP, says Gartner analyst Bob Hafner. “Most enterprises continue to implement IP telephony as a one-for-one replacement for a PBX or Centrex service and, consequently, they are missing opportunities to improve business productivity and communication processes,” he said.
  • D-Link VoIP products likely to flood the market soon, according to press reports. D-Link’s lineup includes this really handsome and nifty Internet ready DPH-100H H.323 v2.0 compliant VoIP phone, which the company is targeting at the SOHO market.
  • VoIP, The Small Business Advantage. I agree

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