Battle for the Headlines?


Think of it as the VoIP version of Celebrity Boxing! Anna Nicole Smith versus that crazy skater chick! Vonage, which sends out more press releases per week than any other telecom company had dismissed SIPphone’s suit against them as a cheap publicity stunt. “We didn’t even receive a courtesy call, which is what you usually do before you sue someone,” Vonage spokesperson Brooke Schulz told Voxilla, commenting about the SIPPhone suit, which accuses Vonage of unfair competition and false advertising. “The suit is completely without basis and without merit. It’s “nothing more than a publicity stunt.” Robertson says the lawsuit is an effort to “keep everyone in VOIP industry honest so it doesn’t become a big polluted mess like wireless! Unlocked devices and up front pricing is what we’re hoping to achieve.” Over at EWeek, Ellen Muraskin writes, “SIPphone’s one good point is that Vonage-only router/terminal adapters must say Vonage on the box—and Vonage seems to be hurrying to do that consistently. The rest is promotional posturing. The lawsuit looked like a straw man to me, a desperate marketing gambit played on the chessboard of public opinion. ” While on Vonage, they are also tangling with AT&T on prices, and are not going to be afraid to cut prices even more. “As Vonage continues to scale, the possibility exists to lower prices,” Mitchell Slepian, a Vonage spokesman, told

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