As the Nortel Turns…New CTO


I was going to write about this, but then Mark Evans has done a great job of explaining the retiring of Nortel’s CTO.

Nortel’s drive to re-invent itself has taken another turn with news that CTO Greg Mumford is leaving. He’ll be replaced by long-term Nortel executive Brian McFadden, who was heading up the company’s struggling optical unit. There has been speculation that Nortel will dump the optical business to focus on the wireless and enterprise markets, so perhaps the promotion of McFadden is a harbinger of things to come. Nortel buried the news about Mumford in its bi-weekly filiing with the Ontario Securities Commission yesterday. Mumford, who has received not-so-serious consideration for the CEO job before Frank Dunn was given the assignment in 2001, was ranked as Light Reading’s “Top Ten Movers and Shakers in Telecom” so his departure will leave a huge whole in an already unstable corporate environment at Nortel. Apparently, he will act as a “special advisor” Bill Owens. That’s good news given Owens’ lack of telecom experience.

Here is my chat with Greg Mumford from the archives. I really liked him, he was smart, and understated. Hopefully there will be a chance to chat with Brian McFadden soon enough.

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